The way work ought to be

It’s a rainy day here in Southern Tennessee. As I look out my bedroom window, the fog over the pasture hides the grazing deer and the squirrels scampering from tree to tree. I’ve been lying in bed by the large window in my room reading my Bible about...

Don’t celebrate Christmas this year

Are you sick of the commercialization of a holiday that no one is even sure of the date? Think all this pagan Santa Claus and Christmas tree hoopla is wrong? Then don’t celebrate Christmas this year. What? Don’t spend time with your family and friends...

Holiday Preparations ARE School

Mom, if you are super-stressed this week trying to do school and prepare for Thanksgiving at the same time, realize that everything you do to host a small live event at your house or your mom’s house is a business skill that people in the world of work get paid...

Speak peace to men of war

When King David’s man, Joab, was about to attack the city of Abel Beth-maacah in 2 Samuel 20, a “wise woman” called him to come to her. She reminded him that they were a city of peace and that the Torah (in Deut. 20:10) says “When you approach...

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