Moms ask me all the time how to know if their child is entrepreneurial or not.

Well here are some clues:

  • He sells rocks to the neighbors when he can barely walk.
  • She hosts tea parties for her dolls and sets up a cash register.
  • They put on plays for your dinner guests and charge admission.
  • She sells the most Girl Scout cookies in her troop.
  • There is a perpetual lemonade stand or hot chocolate stand in front of your house.
  • He pays his little brother to clean his room.
  • She hires the girl next door to babysit her little brother while Mom has gone to the store for “just a minute.”
  • Your 16-year-old invites pilots from all over the state to a fly-in at the airstrip out behind the house, where a magazine writer not only writes an article about him, but offers him money to write articles for the magazine, which he does, and now in his thirties, he still writes and teaches flying.

Do all these youngsters sound selfish?

Having the desire to make money on your projects is not a sign of being wicked or evil. Business is God’s way of people providing for themselves and each other. Your children may not have brought their gifts and talents under the control of the Holy Spirit just yet but if they keep seeking the Lord, eventually it will happen.

They will still make mistakes but their intentions will eventually turn toward serving the Lord with their wealth rather than just making money.

Our children were made in the image of an entrepreneur – the most high God. They can’t help but act like the One who created them.

Risk? This whole earth project is One Big Risk. God put Adam and Eve in charge of the garden with just one rule and they blew it. It was risky to give them that much freedom but God understands life better than we do.

So let your children have some freedom to be who God made them to be, and trust Him to keep forming them into His image – the image of the ultimate Entrepreneur!

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