I don’t live like I once did.

After my very wonderful husand, who worked 40-60 hours every week so our family of 9 could barely get by, died, I decided to change things. I implemented what I had learned from many successful mentors and thousands of dollars invested in courses and conferences to start several online projects.

When you can manage your business from a laptop, you have the freedom to work anywhere. You also don’t have to fight traffic every day. When I leave home, it’s usually to attend or host some very cool event. Sometimes I fly, but I love to drive because I enjoy my 2016 Toyota Tacoma truck. (You have to have a truck when you live on a farm to take your garbage to the dump.)

My virtual team helps me make everything happen correctly and on time.

Many different projects such as real estate investments, home business coaching, and hosting live events keeps me from being bored while providing multiple streams of income. I no longer measure my income by the hour, it just dumps passively – and some actively – into my bank accounts each day.

But the best thing about the Internet Lifestyle is having time freedom that allows me to visit my grandchildren down the road whenever I want to. It’s being able to travel through this amazing country and others to discover the earth’s beauty and meet interesting people. It means reading great books for as long as I want to. It means working in my garden in the early hours of the day if I want to or not. It means rejoicing with others when they get the vision they need to live the same kind of life I’ve discovered and helping them make it happen.

Actually, the best thing about the Internet Lifestyle is being able to do whatever the Lord has for me to do on this day. And each day is different. No two days in my world are alike. Each day is a joy to live and a challenge to discover

Ten Things

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