When we’ve been taught what we think is the right thing, we usually operate in the flesh. We trust in ourselves, in our knowledge and our natural ability instead of in the Lord God.

Yet when we are in unknown territory, pursuing something new, we are often forced to step into that supernatural realm we call the spirit where only God can work.

Educating students occupationally to go in their own unique ways according to their strengths and abilities is one of those opportunities.

In the education realm, we’ve been schooled in how to do school. Yet for all of our advanced learning, our country ranks poorly when compared to the world, our states suffer from a plethora of educational, political and administrative issues, local schools are just trying to keep their heads above water in a sea of state and federal issues while students are dropping out every day.

Let’s try something new.

Let’s pray for God to intervene.

Let’s confront these issues in the spirit. Then let’s stand back and watch for the hand of God.

He is there.


Ten Things

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