As cryptocurrencies and unregulated online banking challenge the financial systems of the world, major players are passing bills and instituting regulations in an effort to maintain control.

The winds of change are starting to shake the foundations of our current financial system. The storm is coming. The trees are bending and their branches are shaking violently, yet the storm is just beginning.

It’s time for us to pray for God’s protection for our families and for those who are directly involved in the cryptoworld to act from wisdom and revelation from God. We must pray for the spiritual lives of the programmers, developers and business people who are following their hearts and changing the world.

There has never been a shift as big as the one we are about to see in the financial world. We are part of it. It’s time to apply in love, not in judgment, the knowledge and experience we have learned from our years of walking with Jesus to shine as lights in a dark world from inside the coming storm.

Be strong and courageous. Keep your eyes straight ahead on the Lord. You were set in this season for a reason.

To prepare your young people to be leaders in the business world and own their own companies instead of working for others, we host an annual Home Education for Home Business Conference every spring. Read about our 2018 event on Feb. 15-17 here. Plan to hang out each night at CryptoJam to learn more about the financial shift that has begun.

You can’t escape it. You might as well learn how it operates.

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