In any new venture, whether it is educational, spiritual or business-related, there is a process required to meet one’s goals.

Vision is necessary to see where you are and where you want to go. But just seeing the goal in your mind’s eye is not enough. It is essential, but it must be followed by taking action.

When an employee finally becomes so frustrated with the constraints of the workplace that he or she decides to explore starting a home business, that first step is important.

Studying the options may take months or even years.

Finding a trustworthy mentor who reveals the short-cuts from years of learning experientially may seem impossible.

Securing the correct education in a sea of endless curricula can be a daunting search.

All of these aspects require first steps.  Each one requires many, many steps.

Yet once the foundation has been laid, the project must be launched. That next First Step is often the hardest one  to take. It not only requires preparation, it requires belief.

Will this really work?

What will my friends think?

Could I lose the family farm?

Ungrounded fears and doubts can stop a perfectly good project dead in its tracks. That’s why it is so crucial to protect your mind from wrong influences by feeding it correctly with godly, entrepreneurial, freedom-focused concepts produced by godly, entrepreneurial, freedom-focused authors.

Once you take that first step, it’s easy to bask in the pleasure that you did it … and stop.

Checking off that first task soothes the soul with a sense of accomplishment. Yet if that’s all that occurs, the project will not be completed, you will not experience success, and God’s project (which you are co-producer of) will not help those it is intended to serve.

Entrepreneurs must see the vision of what the project is designed to accomplish. They must see the importance of their role in it.

Home business is not about making money; it is about partnering with the God of Heaven on a particular earthly assignment to solve a problem for a particular segment of the population. Your role is to see the project as it is laid out before you and create a list of steps for you and your team members to follow.

Yes, team members. You can not build a skyscraper by yourself.

Don’t be content with that first step. And don’t think that this project is about you or that it even IS yours. The God of Heaven has offered you the opportunity to partner with Him, with Him working through you as His hands on earth, to accomplish something that your specific education has prepared you for from the beginning of your life.

You will never be content until you discover what your assignment is and take that first step.


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