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My name is Rhea (pronounced Ray) Perry and I have educated my 7 children since 1987. 


           The Perry Family

I was born in Leesburg, Florida into a forward-thinking family. We were all very active in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and spent most of my high school years camping. All that changed when I went off to Auburn University to study architecture and eventually join my dad in his business. After a few years of being in the wrong box, I met Jesus, changed to education, married Wendell, got pregnant, and graduated, in that order.

Over the years, we had 10 children. Six are still living; four are in heaven.

In our early years of home educating our children, my family represented Lifetime Books and Gifts, one of the foundational influences in homeschooling that encouraged using Living Books in a lifestyle of learning, in the Southeast for five years. During the time I served that cutting-edge educational company as a curriculum counselor, I learned a different way of tutoring young people and experimented with my children. Wendell was a former public school teacher and wanted our children to be more than “educated.” He wanted them to know how to live financially free.

My oldest son Drew became a real estate investor when he was 18 and replaced his dad’s income in just 3 years. Although I didn’t have much hope for the boy, he was worth $1.4 million by the time he was 21. He developed a system for selling houses and creating passive income on eBay. For several years, he sold that system to real estate investors at their local club meetings throughout the south.  That system is still being used on eBay to this day although he discontinued his course when he discovered the joys of customer service.

My second son, Will, apprenticed with a successful commercial roofer and eventually started his own commercial roofing company. He partnered with his younger brother, Forrest, to service commercial property throughout north Alabama.

In 2010, my dear husband of 33 years lost his battle with cancer. Four of our seven children were still at home. If we had not pursued multiple streams of income at home, primarily using the Internet, I don’t know what I would have done.

Just a few years later in October, 2015, my youngest son, Forrest, had an accident at work and died almost instantly. At 19, he possessed a house, land, a company, and a truck. He had never experienced the negative side of life and was the happy kid at our house.

So now that my children have all finished their schooling, I dedicate my time to helping them, as well as others who want to get vision and education for their lives so they can pursue their heart’s desires and live a life of freedom instead of bondage.

Besides hosting the only Home Business Conference with millionaire experts for homeschooling families in August every year and the only Home Education for Home Business Conference in the early spring, I also teach workshops on home business at homeschool conventions.

As the CEO of JimCockrumEvents.com, I host his popular CES conferences for professional Amazon sellers with Jim’s team. This organization was started by homeschooling father of five, Jim Cockrum.

When I discovered the power of the Internet back in 1999, I started building an online community to help meet people’s home business needs. That’s what Educating for Success is – a community of entrepreneurs of all ages from all over the world.

I like to take home education one step further by encouraging families to consider Entrepreneurial Education, a philosophy focused on preparing students who may not be college-bound to create successful home businesses that operate on passive residual income.

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