Early in the morning on Sunday, January 7, a picture appeared in my mind of the Pirate’s Cove Marina in Panama City Beach where my daughter’s boat is stored.

I remember asking, “I wonder if that metal frame building could withstand strong storm winds?”

It had already been demolished by Hurricane Michael a few years before and was rebuilt to withstand Category 4 winds.

I must confess. I did not pray for it

The next morning, it was severely damaged again by one of the tornadoes that ripped through the Florida Panhandle.

It is an absolute miracle that with all the serious destruction, no one was killed.

A few hours later, my son-in-law posted pictures of his boat that someone from the marina had sent him.

His boat, along with a handful of others, were still safely perched high up on their shelves, completely untouched by the storm.

Not a cushion blew off.

Not a cupholder was out of place.

It was an absolute miracle.

To see the video of the marina, along with the picture of his boat, visit my Facebook page here:

For years, we have prayed for God to place a bubble of protection over our farm and cars and then their boat.

I called my son-in-law and told him, “I think our angels of protection stayed with it longer than we thought they would. It wasn’t even in the water!”

My only regret is not praying for the marina. If I had, maybe the tornado would have hopped over it.

That is a serious lesson for me: when God puts a random picture in your mind, there’s a reason. Pray for it.

Blessings to you as you weather the storms of life.

Watch for those visions in your mind and listen for that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.


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