I so appreciate people who give of their time and themselves to help others better themselves, especially in the world of home business. Yet there are so few who actually know how to make a decent living who are also willing to teach you.

So back in 2001, I started a Yahoo! Group to help others learn how we were doing school at our house which was reaping some pretty cool benefits – like bringing our dad home from corporate America. That little Yahoo! Group turned into the only online community of its kind where members get entrepreneurial encouragement, business ideas and education, online and off-line.

Here’s what our Educating for Success members enjoy:

  • Daily interaction in closed Facebook group
  • Book of the Month Webcast
  • Member discounts for all virtual training courses
  • Member discounts for annual live events
    • Home Education for Home Business Conference
    • Home Business Conference
  • Summer Home Business Contest

We’d love to have you join us!

But … if you’re not ready to commit to being part of a community of entrepreneurs from all over the country that is learning how to create multiple streams of passive income from home, you can chat with me daily on our free online Facebook group – Home Education for Home Business. 

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