In America, you have the right to disagree with your leadership and express your opinion. You even have the right to assemble in order to accomplish some specific policy change or lobby for a cause. Not all countries have those privileges. But unless there is good reason, our actions should reflect maturity and self-discipline which yesterday’s demonstrations did not. 

It is very embarrassing for the entire world to watch our immature response to the recent change in government leadership. This reaction is the result of years of socialist indoctrination perpetrated in government schools and colleges throughout the nation.

Our current president is a capitalist. He’s not a perfect man but he has been chosen by a legitimate electoral system to lead the country. Whether we agree with all of his decisions or not, we should honor his position. There is no possible way that all American citizens will agree with every decision he makes. It has never been possible and it never will. (Most people don’t even agree with their spouse 100% of the time.)

Most Americans who did not agree with our former president did not respond this immaturely, even though several of his executive orders were clearly unconstitutional and all of his executive actions steered the country away from capitalism and toward socialism.

If these protesters were busy building businesses and serving customers well, they wouldn’t have time for protests with no specific goal to accomplish.

So, let’s not spend time focusing on what we can not change. Let’s focus on making the world we touch a better place because of who we are, what we do, and Who we serve. And let’s not forget to do it with character and grace because not only is the entire world watching America, our children are watching us.

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