It’s a rainy day here in Southern Tennessee. As I look out my bedroom window, the fog over the pasture hides the grazing deer and the squirrels scampering from tree to tree.

I’ve been lying in bed by the large window in my room reading my Bible about Solomon and all his wisdom. Next, I’ll be starting a new book that just arrived in the mail yesterday.

In a litte while, I’ll check my four bank accounts to see how much passive income I made overnight.

After I publish this blog post, I’ll answer some email and drop into a few Facebook Groups to interact with members of a few online communities.

On my To Do List for today is to order some printing for the education conference we’re hosting at a beautifully restful state park in two weeks and gather the essentials we’ll take to that life-changing event.

The last two of my seven children, who are adults now but not quite out of the house, will be waking soon and going about their day.

It’s peaceful and quiet here on the farm and I thank my God for the privilege of being able to reach out to help a needy world through a simple $200 laptopĀ from home or from anywhere I want to call home.

It’s also fun to travel and see God’s amazing world, which I do quite a bit now that I am no longer homeschooling that crazy bunch. It was a challenge to homeschool for almost 30 years but it was totally worth it and super fulfilling because now they’re all doing what they love. While the world encouraged me to pursue “fulfillment” in a job working for someone else, my late husband and I were pouring our lives into seven children while living a humble life on our farm.

In the process of helping my children discover who they are and what they wanted to do, I discovered how to make a living on the Internet. There are so many ways; the problem is not how to do it but which of hundreds of ways is the best for you.

So I help like-minded homeschool entrepreneurs learn to work from home and to educate their children to be home business owners instead of working as employees for someone else. I also host a few conferences throughout the year.

In two weeks, my team is bringing together home business experts and thought leaders in entrepreneurial home education at Fall Creek Falls State Park to share with families from all over America.

Fall Creek Falls State Park in TN

I love helping families learn to live like my family does peacefully here at the Backside of Nowhere. It’s wonderful to have all you need and to be able to help others.

But it takes thinking differently about education. That’s why we host our Home Education for Home Business Conference.

If you love the idea of being able to sleep in on a rainy day to read a good book, learn how to work from home. Who knows what you and God together might create that changes the world.






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