I’m sitting in the swing on the back porch of my log home nestled in the hills of Tennessee enjoying the early morning sunrise on a glorious fall day. Cows are grazing in the pasture nearby, the wind is rustling gently through the trees and the dog is sleeping soundly on the front porch. No one in the house is awake yet. The busy-ness of the day has yet to begin.

This is just one of the joys of having a home business: enjoying the benefits of being at home.

And then there is the commute. Oh wait. There isn’t one.

If I need a snack or a meal, the kitchen is just steps away.

There’s no reason for me to go back to an office, now that wireless Internet and laptop computers have forever changed the face of business.

After all, during America’s beginning, farmers and tradesmen worked at or near home and were generally available for meals and emergencies. The Industrial Revolution took men out of their homes to work in factories, and home life as we knew it changed.

Then as more and more women joined the world of work outside of the home, our society changed its perspective so that now it is almost expected for both members of the family to “go to work” every day. In fact, some couples decide not to even have children because they don’t have time.

To me, children are more important than a career or making money. They are eternal and each one is special.

If you want to achieve financial freedom with a home business, create a plan, then work your plan. It is possible to achieve the financial freedom that those of us who just want to sit on the back porch and type desire.

I’m so thankful to live during a time when almost anyone can produce a significant income with no more than a $200 computer that allows you to live the American dream with the people you choose – your family.

If you are experiencing the hardships of this economy, consider starting a home business.

It’s a marvelous way to live.

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