In contrived contests, everyone can win a prize. But in Real Life, even though some get second and third place trophies, there is only one winner.

It takes character to lose gracefully and that’s one of the reasons parents encourage children to play sports. Of course we want to see them win. But life’s real lessons come in learning to play as a team and losing with respect.

In our 2016 election, there was a winner and there was a loser and half the country was not happy with the results. That’s always the case. Yet six months later, members of the other party, members of the press and even members of the winning party are still trying to reverse America’s decision. They’re even blaming it on the Russians.

This is unsportsmanlike conduct. Any high school athletic coach would make you run extra laps for this.

While sore losers are focusing on reversing the decision, they are not focusing on doing their jobs which includes solving real problems.

I wonder how the Russians feel about all this. It’s really not a great way for a president to start a new role in an international community.

In fact, many voters more than likely voted for the capitalist candidate BECAUSE of his established economic ties to countries some might consider enemies. Isn’t it better to seek trade relations with countries instead of war?

But besides all this, the whole world is watching Americans act like sore losers. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. I hope our leaders in government and media will soon stop behaving so childishly and get back to doing the work they have been elected or hired to do and let our new president, whether we like him or not, do what presidents do.

When your children lose, teach them how to respond graciously. Congratulate the other side. Keep your chin up and don’t say ugly words to or about anyone. Go back to the locker room with a good attitude and resolve to work harder so that in the next game, whether you win or lose, you will give it your best.

Everyone will appreciate it.¬†Hopefully the whole world won’t be watching.

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