Are you sick of the commercialization of a holiday that no one is even sure of the date?

Think all this pagan Santa Claus and Christmas tree hoopla is wrong?

Then don’t celebrate Christmas this year.


Don’t spend time with your family and friends eating way too much good food and unwrapping presents that have been thoughtfully bought and wrapped.

Don’t go to the candelight service at the church down the road or stop by the nativity scene on the lawn at the First Baptist Church to remember
what started all this over 2,000 years ago.

Just stay in your room and play video games.

If everyone stopped celebrating Christmas, the world would no longer be reminded once a year that the holy God and Creator of the universe sent
His Son Jesus to be born on earth through a woman and to eventually die on the cross for our sins.

And then He did what no one expected. God raised Jesus from the grave to conquer death as well!

That is something to celebrate!

Will some people take their celebrations too far?


Will the enemies of the cross throw distractions into the project to draw attention away from the real meaning of the holiday?

Yes. They always do.

Imagine what the end of December would feel like if there were no shopping hustle and bustle and no Christmas cantatas or parades to
make floats for and bundle the children up to ride on so they can throw candy and wave to their friends.

It would be life as usual.

So if you’ve gotten cynical from years of commercialization, don’t celebrate Christmas this year.

But if you know the joy of your salvation and are still amazed after all these years that the God of Heaven chose to save YOU even though you didn’t deserve it and He lives in you today, then you have something to celebrate.

You have life!

You have joy!

You have the peace of God in your heart.

Instead of seeing man’s finger in the Christmas pie, let’s choose to see the wonderfulness of the pie and the restoration that Jesus brings to mankind.

The thing that still amazes me is that the only birthday that almost the entire world celebrates every year is the birthday of a man who lived and died over 2000 years ago. Maybe He was more than just a man. Maybe He was the only begotten Son of God.

This weekend, let’s celebrate the birth of the Savior of the Earth while it’s still legal. And live the rest of the year making Him known to others.

This weekend, I hope you celebrate Christmas. I hope you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

I am.

Have a very merry Christmas!

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