December is a great month to take care of all those little things that get neglected during the rest of the year. It’s your last chance to get all your business’ financial matters in order before the Dec. 31 deadline.

Here are a few of my December Goals:

1. Re-write my will. It’s free with your LegalShield account. Ask my friend,Gulshan Safarova McAuliffe if you don’t have a lawyer on your team. You will eventually need one and this is the cheapest option there is.

2. List all of your for-profit business projects according to your net profit so you can examine the fruit of this year’s efforts.Basic RGB

3. If you’re bold, sell the bottom 10% of the projects unless you absolutely love them.

4. Let go of One More Thing. For each project, list all of the tasks that must be done. Beside each one, put someone else’s name or just “VA” but not yours. When you get to the tasks that no one but you can do, fill in your name. Then go back and outsource the
entire list. Sometimes you can find a good VA (I’ve had 3) who can do all of the tasks on the list. If you haven’t had good luck with VAs, keep looking and also examine your management skills (or lack thereof.) Good VAs work better without you. They are self-motivated, self-educating, and self-managed. They enjoy the freedom of doing your tasks on their time frame and sometimes in their way.

5. Plan your family vacation for next year. (Don’t forget that at Educaing for Success, we have not one, but two excellent live family events in interesting places with motivational experts that you can write off as business expenses, which is just one more advantage of having a home business.)

6. Hire someone or ask a friend to come in and help you declutter your house. If they know how to sell stuff online or can take it all to a yard sale for you, that’s even better. If you can’t sell it, take it to the thrift store and get a receipt to give to your accountant. You DO have an accountant, don’t you?

7. Shop for Christmas in late November or early December so you can enjoy the entire month of December instead of getting caught in the shopping frenzy. Being ahead of schedule, at least on this one easy task, is energizing.

8. Use the week between Christmas and New Year’s to finish up all the loose ends that got neglected during the rest of the year. The whole business world seems to be on vacation that week, unless you’re a professional Amazon seller.

9. Schedule a medical check-up with your favorite health care provider. If you’re over 30, make sure you do this every year. If they find a problem early, it’s easier to fix than if they find it later. Trust me on this. I lost a perfectly good husband to cancer because of this. Don’t consider this an expense, it is an investment in your life. The return is measured in years, not dollars and as you know, time is way more valuable than money. If you lose money, you can get it back. If you lose time, it’s gone.

10. Start thinking of what you are going to INVEST your tax return in, if you get one. If you SPEND it on something like paying off a credit card or buying a new car or refridgerator, it will be gone days after you get it. If you develop a mindset of investing instead of spending, you’ll buy another house or some silver or gold or bitcoin or a new business or something that will multiply. Once it has doubled or tripled, then you can use that money ¬†you created to pay off that credit card.

What do YOU like to do in the month of December?

Ten Things

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