ichefMom, if you are super-stressed this week trying to do school and prepare for Thanksgiving at the same time, realize that everything you do to host a small live event at your house or your mom’s house is a business skill that people in the world of work get paid to do.

When your children help or are even in charge of small projects like decorating, shopping and cooking, they are learning marketable skills.

The best and most highly-paid chefs are men so don’t let your young men off the culinary hook. They like to eat and may find that they actually like cooking. Their experience this holiday season may lead them into owning a restaurant or starting a catering service.

Low-end chefs earn an annual income of $43,000.
Interior decorators earn $50,000.
Purchasing agents earn $48,000.
Event planners earn $50,000.

My question is always this: When it takes $70,000/year just to be broke – that is, to have all 12 of your basic bills paid with absolutely no money left over to even go to a movie – why would you train your children to have a job?

Instead, why not educate them to have a business that provides services and/or products that meet needs and employs these skilled people. With a home business, your young people can net $250,000 or more, which is not uncommon.

So if you’re brave, take this week off from book learning and fill the week with a fun laboratory of exploration outside of the educational box. It may get chaotic so don’t quit if your house and projects get messy.

Yes, you can write it all down in your journal and give your children credit for every bit of it. It’s called Vocational Education and is actually more valuable than straight academics because your students can actually monetize it if they want to. (That means, they can earn a living doing it.)

There is more than one way to educate your children. Let’s find what works best for YOUR children.

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