Learn the Secrets of How a Homeschooled Teen
Brought His Dad Home from Corporate America and
What His Mom Learned About Real Education

From: Rhea Perry

Meet Rhea Perry

Rhea Perry is known as the “homeschool mom who is changing the face of education.”

She and her team bring educational opportunities to families that help them prepare their children financially to enter the world of small business.

Rhea Perry

She has home educated her seven children since 1987. Teaching from an entrepreneurial mindset, she conveys to others three major needs that a true education must answer:

  1. gain vision for who you are and what you want to do Rhea Perry
  2. get the specialized education you need to do it
  3. be disciplined to act and do what must be done to accomplish your vision

To do that requires learning to think differently. Instead of training young people to think like employees who operate on the left side of the Cashflow Quadrant as explained in Robert Kiyosaki’s insightful book, The Cashflow Quadrant, she and her team seek to educate parents to educate their children to operate on the right side of the quadrant as business owners and investors.

Workshops and Conferences

One of the ways that Rhea and her team bring real education to the home education world is through four main conferences a year and various other workshops.

On Thursday, May 31st, Rhea will conduct a 3-hour workshop
on the Basics of Entrepreneurial Education.

Topics are:

  • How to Raise an Entrepreneur

  • How the Perrys Incorporate eBay into a Regular School Day

  • How a Very Non-academic Teenage Boy Brought His Dad Home from Corporate America

  • Practical Ways to Encourage Your Teens in Small Business

If you would like to join us, feel free to bring the family.

Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2007
Place: The home of Carol Eure in Fayetteville, Georgia (South of Atlanta, GA)

The cost per family is just $15 if you pre-register online
or $20 at the door.

Once you have registered, you’ll receive an email with directions to the event.

Feel free to invite your friends. They’ll be glad you did!

Some of the teens who have mentored with Rhea and her “Best Friends,” as she calls her host of guest experts (many of whom are self-made millionaires) have done very well.

Several 15 to 18 year olds have created passive income of up to $20,000 per month. One 16 year old junior in high school made over a million dollars on MySpace.

Want to Hear Some Success Stories?

Four years ago, Dave Mitchell of Monterrey, Tennessee left his job as an engineer in corporate America to come home and start an online recording business, RecordedMoments.com, that records conference calls and live events for Internet Marketers.

In April this year, Dave died of liver cancer at the age of 50 leaving his wife Kay with six boys to raise. Because he had built a home business, Kay and the boys have been able to continue on without the slightest interruption in their income.

Michael Schultz of New York left his job to support his family of 13 with eBay. Yes, he and his wife Julie Anna have 11 children. Through implementing the principles Rhea shared on her Yahoo! Group, they met their goals in just 1 year to live debt free with Michael at home coordinating the family business.

The Perry family’s mentor Chris Verhaegh is a stock market options specialist who Rhea perceived was undervaluing his time by not teaching others. She encouraged him to speak and create a home study course which he eventually did.

Today he trains hundreds of students online through his stock market options mentoring program.

Rhea’s family served Lifetime Books and Gifts, a provider of homeschool curricula, as their representatives and consultants at homeschool book fairs in the Southeast for five years. There she gained vision that although families desire to educate their children with academic excellence and firm moral values, they miss the mark by not tailoring their education to meet the needs of each child in preparation of entering the business world.

She continually shared with owner Bob Farewell and his wife Tina that the Internet became a competitor they could not deal with as a reseller of books. Eventually, they took her advice and sold their business just before the market nose-dived dramatically and many similar companies went bankrupt.

Today Bob has a successful mentoring program and works from his home in Lake Wales, Florida.

These are just a few of the success stories that have resulted from the teamwork at Educating for Success, Inc. Rhea and her small team of five virtual members who operate from their homes all over America are creating a system for families to implement.

Part of that system involves a curriculum for a fifth philosophy of home education. Currently, there are four philosophies: classical, unschooling, traditional textbook, and lifestyle of learning.

Rhea takes home education one step further by creating what she calls Entrepreneurial Education, a philosophy focused on preparing students who may not be college bound to create successful home businesses that operate on passive residual income. She encourages them to learn what to do and what not to do by aligning themselves with successful mentors in that particular area. And most of the mentors Rhea brings to the homeschool world must be qualified by being millionaires.

The areas she recommends studying for high school are:

  • Basic Business

  • Real estate investing

  • Internet marketing

  • Stock market

  • Website creation

  • Publishing online and offline books and ebooks

  • eBay

  • Event planning and hosting

The specialized education she provides through her expert millionaires takes education to the next level so that teens are able to make money from home even before they graduate from high school. She also recommends that high school students pay for their own college tuition so that they value it.

She often says publicly, “If you can make $20,000 to $50,000 a month passively, why do you think you need to go to college so that you can learn how to make $60,000 a year?”

With the coming of the Information Age, education has changed. The Internet has opened the world of learning up to endless possibilities. The traditional system is like a cruise-liner. To make a course adjustment may take 25 miles. Home educators can operate like speed boats. They can zip circles around the cruise ship.

Of course each has its own purpose. Traditional education must move masses of students through its system whereas homeschoolers have the freedom to tutor individual students and tailor their specific courses of learning to meet basic standards but to allow for individual giftedness.

Until now, home educators have replicated the same system that traditional school has employed. Rhea and her team continually encourage families to help their children discover their purpose and pursue the specialized education each child needs so that they may achieve peace in their heart in having found their place in society.

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